[ad#post_ad]GM has told us exactly which markets they will roll out the Chevrolet Volt initially. These are statewide California, Michigan, and Washington DC.

We expect dealerships in those areas to take deliveries of the first Volts in November. It is unknown how first buyers will be chosen, as GM has declined to produce or at least unveil a pre-ordereing process.

GM has said all along the Volt will be a car that can thrive in all areas of the nation, and thus will be available for sale in the whole country, eventually. The question is how eventually.

In a recent webchat, Volt vehicle line director Tony Posawatz appeared to clarify this.

"The Volt is still on schedule to being production for retail customers in November of 2010," said Posawatz. "First customers in our published launch regions should receive cars before the end of the year. Those launch regions are California, Michigan and greater Washington D.C. area."

As for the rollout.

"By the end of 2011," he added. "(The) Volt will be in Canada and nationwide in the U.S."

Volt communications manager Rob Peterson would not confirm this.

"We won't be nationwide by end of 2011," said Peterson. "By that time we expect to be shipping vehicles to Canada, Europe and several markets beyond those we've already announced."

I also had the to ask Tony DiSalle, who is GM's director of Volt marketing, what the timeframe for Volt national rollout will be.

"That's all still work in progress and will clearly be dependent on the ability of the production facility to ramp up as planned and all those kind of things," said DiSalle. "Im not in a position to tell you by X-date we will be nationwide. I will tell you we’re heading towards national distribution and theres no question about it."

"The Volt is not to be a localized state-specific car," he added. "Volt is going to go across the whole country."

"Believe me I'd much rather be out there talking about very specifically to the person in Illinois or Iowa or pick a state and say 'hey this is the date'" he said. "But its not quite that finite at this point."

As to whether GM has an internal timeframe plan. "Yes theres map," admitted DiSalle declining to be more specific.

So what is the real answer? I guess we'll have to stay tuned.