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Volt Loyalty Incentive this year???

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Just wondering if anyone has heard if GM will be offering it again like they did the end of last year. I picked up a killer deal on a 2016 Cruze for $39 a month with the Costco Rebate, Bonus Tag, Private Offer, etc. Thinking about turning in the Cruze for something like the Equinox if the right deal comes along.
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Every Volt owner should get $2000 customer cash to order-up a Bolt. As many as they want. Regarding loyalty, Volt owners have been GM's primary selling body and cheer leading team. Don't wait for dealerships to advertise EVs (outside of CA) - they have a hard time saying those words.

I did buy a Cruze this summer for family members to use. $2000 off sticker and manual tx so it was pretty cheap out the door.
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