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My lease here in NJ is $331 per month for a loaded premier 2017 with everything except adaptive cruise control
I have seen LT leases for $269.

Try Rydell Chevrolet in Calif and Keyes in California and mention you are from this forum. You can get addresses and phone numbers via Google search. Both had posted deals on the forum recently - click the forum box at the top and go to the category ' buying and leasing"
Rick Alpern is the sales manager at keyes who posts regularly.
I have shown their pricing to my local dealers here in nj and they have met the prices.

Good luck - the Volt is a wonderful car - the best car i have ever had. Am on my third - 2 prior leases expired. in both cases, about 30,000 miles, no maintenance except tire rotation and less that 30 gallons of gas. Would have used less gas if i didn't fill up the tank after the volt automatically ran the engine to use up 1 year old gas, and i filled it up. burned nearly full tank of gas off the 2nd year, then i got smart and only added 2 gallons

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