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Volt Gen 1 Transmission 4ET50 explained with real parts.

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Good video showing the internal parts.
The Gen 1 is really a very clever design.
Couple of things I really like:
Use of 2 electric motors
Use of "Clutch packs" for engaging or stopping rotating parts vs one way clutches on Fords.
Plus geared final drive vs Second generation Volts chain = early Prius, While latest Prius went to geared.

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I am subscribed to that channel (Weber Auto). On another video, he stats that most hybrid transaxles (FWD only) use the same structures and have similar operations. He then compared the history of the Prius, and how the three generations of the Aisin units work, then how Ford used the Aisin unit for the Escape and the Gen 1 Fusion hybrids. Now Ford uses its own designed HF35 for the Gen 2 Fusion, C-Max and the Lincoln MKZ hybrids, but it still follows the Aisin structures.

The Ford Hybrid and Energi vehicles all use the same HF35 transaxles and 2.0 L gas engines. The main differences are the battery size and chemistry, the charge port, the on-board AC/DC converter, and programming.
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