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Volt Gen 1 Transmission 4ET50 explained with real parts.

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Good video showing the internal parts.
The Gen 1 is really a very clever design.
Couple of things I really like:
Use of 2 electric motors
Use of "Clutch packs" for engaging or stopping rotating parts vs one way clutches on Fords.
Plus geared final drive vs Second generation Volts chain = early Prius, While latest Prius went to geared.

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The video is a bit confusing as Professor Kelly's description of the 4th operating mode is correct but he incorrectly calls it Mountain Mode. He acknowledges this mistake in the comments section.

It is interesting that a professional who teaches automotive transmissions chose a Chevy Volt for his own car. In the comments section he says the 4ET50 is far superior to other hybrids. By the way, the comments are good reading, they contain a lot of interesting details. Most unusual is Prof. Kelly takes the time to politely respond to all of the comments.
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