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Volt Dude 'cause my first drive was 1200 miles

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I kinda feel like I was initiated into being a new Volt owner by instantly driving her 1200 miles right off the lot. From LA to Idaho in early December. We hit beautiful southern CA weather, but the next day hit driving rain at Crescent City. We drove through mountain blizzards for a couple days and this Volt really proved herself as a rugged, well performing vehicle in all kinds of conditions. Now I'm wondering why I didn't get one of these amazing machines years ago. Wow!
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Welcome! I often wonder that myself - wish I was the original owner of my 2012.
What hellsop said above +1

I bought a 2015 Premier on Saturday for $22500, 7k miles, 2.5 years b2b warranty left... it was never titled so *should* be eligible for the $7500 credit. I really would have prefered a gen2, but I couldn't justify the ~25% depreciation a year over the first couple years. I mean... I really wanted Android Auto... and making my entire commute without the ICE would be ideal, but my truck is getting 17 mpg and this one seemed like a steal (given the tax credit still being available).
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