[ad#post_ad]For a time, it was assumed by many (myself included) that the Volt would come with a 10 year/150,000 mile warranty in California and other CARB states (17 of them in total), and a 8 year/100,000 mile warranty for the greater, unwashed masses.

That perception changed on Wednesday, when GM announced the battery warranty would be 8 years/100,000 from coast to coast. I confess to being a little confused by the announcement myself, and how a 8/100 was possible to offer nationwide as the Volt was a partial zero emission vehicle, I even asked Doug Parks (GM global vehicle exec) later in the day to explain the warranty, wondering if maybe the 8/100 was just blanket announcement, but the higher 10/150 would still apply in California and CARB states.

Doug's response was short and sweet, "Today's warranty annoucement (sp) covers all states, including California," no explanation on the how or why.

Well, that is not good enough really. So a little help from the California Air Resources Board should provide a more complete answer; and it comes in the form of designation. The Volt did not meet the criteria as a enhanced advanced technology partial zero emissions vehicle, or AT-PZEV, as was widely expected, therefore they don't have to meet the 10/150 warranty, (or enjoy the incentives of that program), so 8/100 is the minimum benchmark they have to offer.

However, Shad Balch, GM’s energy and environment communications specialist, said that in the future (like 2013) GM is looking to get the AT-PZEV designation, which would mean the 10/150 would then come into play...along with all the other streamlining, debugging and upgrades that are going into 'gen 2' of the Volt.

The real kicker to the no AT-PZEV designation (besides the lessened warranty) is that the Volt does not now qualify for the additional $5,000 state incentive. Balch said GM "knew all along" it would not earn the AT-PZEV status, and that GM sees enough early demand for the first gen of the Volt without the rebate. (apparently no one gave Bob Lutz that memo before talking to the press)

Balch continued to say that "when we get through those early adopters, GM is hoping $5,000 shaved off the sticker price will help pave the way for expansion to a broader market"...assuming I guess that the state program is still funded at that point.

/early adopters get all the love

Source: Earth2Tech