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Volt Badging

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Does anyone know why the Volt has no badging indicating it is an electric car? There is no Voltec badging or any reference that it is an electric car.
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This one looks nice on the back of a Volt.

it's pretty well done though the plastic is pretty stiff so you should try to install it on an essentially flat surface.
I also coated mine with a few layers of automotive clear-coat before I installed it just to ensure the chrome stays shiny
No, especially the Gen2 that looks like a Honda Civic. Most people have no idea what a Volt is.
Truth on this one.
I occasionally take OHM-RIDE to car shows to let people look at it and ask questions. So many people were like "why is this stock looking car here" that I finally had to make up a big sign that says "It's ELECTRIC!" and then people started to "get it".
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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