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Volt as a barometer for public charging

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Having followed a number of threads on public charging with the Volt (and other PHEV) I have developed the notion that we have a fantastic example of the law of "unintended consequences".

What I've observed is that with PHEV, owners would like to charge up, and have an ethics driven incentive to do so, however we aren't required to do so which leaves us able to look at various public charging options and either accept or decline to deal with their business model and the mechanics of their systems.

That ability to choose, along with other factors has created a pretty rough and thin coverage network in a lot of areas but I put forth the theory that this is actually a good thing in the long run because the suppliers are discovering very early and very fast what works, what doesn't, and what the consumers (us) will tolerate.
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...It's the Leaf drivers who are worried about getting stranded, not me.
It took me 6 months to even sign up for Chargepoint, and that was only after I had found a reasonably priced outlet at a location that I was going to be at for what I estimated to be 2 hours. And, by reasonably priced, I mean charging by the kWh (at something not more than twice my home rate), not by the hour. What I forgot was that Chargepoint grabs your money in $25 increments. So, they now have $24.51 of mine, and probably will have some portion of it for the next ten years!

Public chargers are not for PHEVs like the Volt, with its slow charging speed, unless they're free or charging by the kWh.
Leave them for the Leafs, SparkEVs, and yes, Teslas, who really need them.
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