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Volt (and other hybrids) for newspaper delivery

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Does anyone have experience with the Volt for newspaper delivery or anything similar? Basically its a lot of accelerating and decelerating/stopping at each house, and a lot of idling when we have to porch some papers.

I'm looking at a used 13/14 Volt.

I figured a hybrid would be amazing for this kind of driving, since it should regen a lot of power from the slowing and stopping, but I asked a co-worker about his Prius and he only gets ~27mpg during a Sunday delivery session.
Although, now that I'm doing the math, this doesn't seem correct. That's like 55% the rated mileage.
My other friend in his newish Corolla gets ~22mpg while delivering, for like 70% the rated mileage.
My 1999 Chevy Prizm is old and doesn't have an automatic mpg calculator, but looking at the numbers when I fill up, I get around 25mpg overall. Seems about right comparing with the Corolla.

I thought a hybrid should do better in lots of stop-n-go, not worse. :confused:

Anyways, does anyone have an idea how many miles I should be able to do in a Volt? My typical work day is about 50 miles, with about 15 of them being on the highway to work, so I was figuring 15 miles on gas and 35 on electric would be about right. Here in California, summer nights should be perfect weather for the battery.
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You will want to replace the headlights on the 2013/2014 with LED or other brighter lights.

I'd stay away from pure BEV unless you are absolutely sure you'll never take turns throwing 'misses'.

(For those who haven't thrown papers, sometimes people have their papers stolen, or the driver actually forgot, or the route sheet had an error, or the paper got wet or damaged. The customer calls later that morning after all the papers are out, and these are misses. Somebody has to go throw them a paper. Some teams take turns throwing misses, others do not. Throwing misses one day can cover a lot of miles.)

The Volt would be fun to throw papers in.

1) It's quiet. I hate waking up people's dogs.
2) Instant response, tight handling. Very controllable, so you might be able throw papers that would have you stop in an ICE by using momentum.
3) No antenna, low roof, you can throw right side over the top or over the hood.
4) If you pull the passenger seat, it should have tons of room. On Black Thursday or a big Sunday, you could even bungie down the hatch on top of the papers since there are no exhaust fumes when driving in EV mode. Just take it easy until you move the papers into the passenger seat and fasten the hatch.
5) You could plug in while tying or loading to get some extra range.

I threw papers on bicycles and then by car in the 70's. I used a 1300 Beetle back then. Headlights were useless, barely syncro manual trans, scary handling when full of papers, and pathetic acceleration. It teaches 'energy conservation', in other words, never slow down or stop. You drive on the wrong side of the road at 3 am, 365 days a year, rain or shine, as fast as you can.
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