This year’s Consumer Reports annual auto survey asked several hundred thousand of its newer car owning readers the following question:

"Considering all factors – price, reliability, comfort, enjoyment, etc., – would you get this car if you had it to do all over again?"

Responses from owners of 350,000 vehicles spanning the 2010-2013 model years answered “definitely yes” for the Chevy Volt – for the second year straight this was than for owners of 240 other models.


Sliced another way, 92 percent of survey respondents answered in the affirmative, down from 93 percent last year, but otherwise considered further vindication for GM’s E-REV just the same.

Noteworthy also is the Volt again beat a previous favorite, the Porsche 911, which otherwise did score well along with the Dodge Challenger V8 and Ford Mustang.

Historically, hybrids, sports cars and convertibles have done the best in this survey conducted by Consumer Reports National Research Center.

According to a statement by Rik Paul, Consumer Reports' auto editor, the Volt’s second straight year “points to the continuing trend of owners' enthusiasm for cars that are fuel-efficient cars, especially as we see more and more hybrid and electric models hitting the market."

Of interest to GM-Volt readers is you and your ilk have been noticed by other mainstream chroniclers of all things automotive.

The Volt running on electrons with Limerick nuclear power plant off in the background.

“The Volt has developed a cultish following,” wrote Automotive News . “Hundreds of online forums have popped up with posts from Volt owners boasting of traveling thousands of miles between fill ups or squeezing out more than 40 miles on one electric charge.”

Is GM-Volt a “cult” or do you just know a good thing when you see it?

However you answer, you can be sure your views are turning out to be more accurate than those who Automotive News also observed might have liked to see this gas-station-resistant car killed in the cradle.

The Consumer Reports acknowledgement, it said, is “also affirmation for GM executives who've battled bad press from early soft sales, scathing criticism from opponents of green-car subsidies, and a late 2011 federal safety probe into battery fires that turned up no significant risks.”


Last month the Volt also set a third month-over-month sales record. It was 2,961 units, and this is not an amazing number by automotive standards, but given the aforementioned flak the Volt has had to overcome, and how few sales it saw in previous months, it is measurable progress.

Speaking of which, November is nearly over, and in early December we’ll get to see whether the sales numbers also speak highly yet again of the Volt.

With competitors coming along, what do you think? Will the Volt top the electric car charts again?