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Volt 4ET50 Transaxle Components and Operation

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Really informative video of the Gen 1 transaxle and how the motors work together:

Hopefully he can do a similar video for the Gen 2 soon.
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I am subscribed to that Weber Auto YouTube channel. The professor has compared several transmission technologies from the very first GM hydraulic/automatics to the latest from many manufacturers. Watch them all, and you can see that in all of his objective explanations, all the automatic transmissions in the world have GM's history in them, even the Toyota and Ford transaxles for the latest hybrids and plug-ins. If you have good automotive friends who are fans, send them a link to the Weber Auto videos.

I have a theory to test if I had the money, resources, place (maybe an airport strip), and time. My theory is which is the world's fastest plug-in's speed in reverse? My guess would be the Chevy Volt which has the most powerful electric motor, since none of the hybrids can use their gas engines to supply horsepower (except for electrical power generation).
the gen2 basically copied the Toyota prius,and basically used a chain and sprocket approach
I will keep my gen1 2015
You are mislead by Toyota, as many are!

The "Chain and Sprocket" system was NOT invented by Toyota. GM had it by the 1960's. My past 1984 Olds Ciera and my past 1995 Buick Regal had it in their transaxles. I had both for over twenty years each and never had problems with that system. GM went "back to the future" to design the Gen 2 Volt 5ET50. Learn correctly and forget about the imitators!

Keep your 2015 Chevy Volt, and do it for twenty years if you can. I bet now that you will get tired of that Volt before it goes bad, and will trade it for a newer GM FV.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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