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Volkswagon NILS BEV Concept

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One seat sports car with a 40 mile range. Looks like an update of the Beetle to me!

10-foot-long aluminum-frame.
0-60 time is 11 seconds, with its top speed 80 mph.
A couple of hours to charge from a 230V electrical outlet.

Like any concept car, it's a bit of playful car-porn.

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It's a kind of Twizzy with more glass and less room.

"sports car" is a bit exagerated for a cehicule not able to to better than 11 seconds on 0-60mph.
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Meh - a four-wheeled Segway...
A Segway comes no where close to either of these, anymore than a golf cart is a "open door" Volt. I think both represent a possible direction for small urban vehicles along with the Smart ForTwo and the like. I think the 2 person EN-V GM introduced as a concept in China is closer to a Segway.

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That said, I enjoyed a 3 hour off-road Segway tour at the Biltmore in Asheville. It was a blast.
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