GM has just released a video of and blog post by Andrew Farah, the Volts chief engineer. Andrew demonstrates one of the new pre-production genuine Chevy Volts that has rolled of the assembly line. He reports he drove the first one on Tuesday, Integration Vehicle #1, more than a week ahead of schedule, and drove it again today.

He writes:
I adjusted the seat and mirrors, pressed the POWER button, moved the shifter to D, and then took it on a few laps around our Technical Center campus in Warren, Mich. This was the moment I’d been looking forward to and it was exhilarating. And when I was done, I pulled it into the garage and charged it with the production intent equipment.
As Andrew says, the preproduction properties "are the Volt" He notes this new era is not the end but the beginning of what he calls "the most important part of the process."

Farah says the fundamental issues of the car are under control, but at this point his team needs to go into the refining the vehicle and make it something people "want to drive."

Its the little things he says like "the ways the blinker sounds, the way the door sounds, and the way the steering responds."

People, he says rightly, expect all of that to be flawless and finish developing.  You can see the new location of the charging port door.

What makes it wonderful is that they are a few weeks ahead of schedule.  And so the next major phase of the Volt coming into begin has occurred, 2 years 5 months, and 8 days after this site began as little more than a hope and a dream.

Source ( FastLane )