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Hey everyone just trying to spot any potential good deals on Volts in Michigan to lease at prices under $250 a month. I hate that we can't go to other states to pick up a lease and bring it back or I would be driving to go get one for cheaper.

A few deals I'm seeing is around $300 for these and that's not where I want to be at

I'm looking for entry level Volt with heated seats I'd love to get my hands on the premier but I don't believe an extra $5k is worth it for everything on the car.

And yes I traded my 14 Volt in for a Challenger and I do regret it but when the new V2 came out for the Volt the prices were just AWFUL I couldn't afford it.. I pay right now $250 monthly fully loaded Challenger when I was looking for Volts-V2 they were entry level $270+plus a large down payment didn't make any sense of doing the lease.

Thank you kindly
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Check Bowman Chevrolet. I got a good deal there.
Thank you I appreciate that I'll def give them a contact!
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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