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Anybody using valet mode? I found the paragraph about it in the owner's manual (it's not indexed unfortunately, but you can do a search via the online manual -- that index needs work). But there isn't much detail offered. It keeps Valets out of the infotainment system? Meaning that if you had addresses in there, they wouldn't be able to access them?

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I keep manuals in PDF format on my phone/pad and do key word search but I am going to have to look if my 2012 has one.

for 2016

Valet Mode (If Equipped)
This will lock the infotainment
system and steering wheel controls.
It may also limit access to vehicle
storage locations (if equipped).
To enable valet mode:
1. Enter a four-digit code on the
2. Select Enter to go to the
confirmation screen.
3. Re-enter the four-digit code.
Press LOCK or UNLOCK to lock or
unlock the system. Press Back to go
back to the previous menu.

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Valet Mode appears to be a method of restricting some of the car’s performance and preventing the valet personnel from using the infotainment center features while they are parking your car. "Steering Wheel Controls" refers to infotainment feature controls that are available on the steering wheel.

Valet Mode is associated with the car’s infotainment features, so it is further described in the Volt Chevrolet MyLink Infotainment System manual (I note it in both the 2016 and 2017 manuals). Note that the Infotainment manual covers features for many Chevrolet car models, not just the Volt. Some vehicles other than the Volt, for example, may have a hidden storage compartment behind the center console display screen (in addition to a glove compartment), and this compartment cannot be opened in Valet Mode. Searching the internet for Chevy MyLink Valet Mode will bring up additional information.

Valet Mode
If equipped, this will lock the infotainment system and steering wheel controls. It may also limit top speed, power, and access to vehicle storage locations (if equipped).

Steering Wheel Controls (Volt)
If equipped, some audio controls can be adjusted at the steering wheel.

(Person speaking symbol): Press to answer an incoming call or start voice recognition.
(End call symbol): Press to decline an incoming call or end a current call. Press to mute or unmute the infotainment system when not on a call.
(Left or right arrow): Press the five-way control to go to the previous or next area of a display on the instrument cluster.
(Up or down arrow): Press the five-way control to go up or down in a list on the instrument cluster.
(Check mark): Press to select a highlighted menu option.
(Up FAV or down FAV): Press to display a list of favorites. Press again to select the next or previous favorite when listening to the radio.

The volume switches are on the back of the steering wheel. Press to increase or decrease the volume.

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I thought it's also supposed to keep them out of Sport mode.

My only beef with these Valet modes is that when you pull up to a valet, you have scant little time to setup anything. And besides, the valets are usually working so hard and fast that they are unlikely to do anything with your car other than park it and run back to the stand.
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