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Using mountain mode to build up a charge

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While driving on the highway, I used mm to build up some battery charge. At this point I wanted to place the car in the hold mode to retain the charge for later use in the city. However, the hold mode was not available. Later, I realized that I had no charge left on the battery. Should I have just left the car in mm until I got in the city?
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If you switched to mountain mode when the SoC was already at a minimum (aka 0 EV miles remaining), then the car won't give you access to hold mode. Hold mode is essentially disabled until the car is recharged via grid, or restarted with some charge stored from mountain mode (requires at least one bar of charge, or >= 4 EV miles). However, leaving the car in mountain mode will allow the battery to charge until the minimum SoC reaches the "reserve" level as indicated by a red line. Once that point is reached, MM functions just like hold mode, just without the EV miles remaining listed.
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