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Looking into buying a used Volt. I have been researching a great deal the last few months about the Volt and about buying a used car in general. This will be my first car purchase (had hand me down cars up until now). I am seeking advice on determining the condition of the volts I look at. Besides the things I can personally look for, I am concerned about a full inspection. I will most likely intend to purchase from a chevy dealer, but unaware of the quality inspection they give their vehicles. Besides CPO vehicles how stringent are certified chevy dealers scrutiny over their used inventory?

The reason I ask, I had an extended test drive last night and loved the car. However, after a closer inspection I noticed the plug of the EVSE had scorch marks covering it. I returned it to the dealer and they mentioned it would be replaced under the voltec warranty. Which is fine, but they never mentioned the issue to me. My conclusion is they saw it and said nothing, which is dishonest, or didn't even see it during inspection, which is unacceptable. Either way I will not purchase from that specific dealer.

Any other car I would be interested in I would simply have a third party inspect the vehicle. Volts, however, seem like an odd ball in that regard. To my understanding only GM Volt certified mechanics are able to service volts (the voltec/electric system anyway. I don't doubt any good mechanic would be able to inspect/service the ICE portion of a volt). Is this accurate? It seems like short of finding a CPO Volt I am more or less at the dealership's mercy regarding the actual condition of the vehicle.

Does anyone here have any insight or advice that may be helpful to my situation? Like I mentioned, I am very new to purchasing vehicles so I may have missed something(s). And sorry if this has been brought up in a previous thread, I was unable to find this specific information!

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