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Looking at a used 2017 Premier with 11K miles. Out the door pricing is $31,526. I might be able to reduce my tax liability a bit as I THINK I will trade in my old Prius. I suspect this will drop the price $500 or so.

I was at a dealer, they had a new 17 Premier for $36,500. I won't qualify for the whole tax credit. Maybe $3000-$5000. Once you throw in tax, title, fees, license from the dealer, you're up to about $40K, minus any tax credits.

So I think I have a good deal with the used one. There are no secondary tax credit/rebates for plug-in hybrid in Arizona.

I will however get to keep my HOV Lane special plate, so I can drive in the carpool lane by myself any time of the day.

What's your thoughts on this deal? Or should I hold out for awhile as more '17s become available used?
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