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I found a used 2017 Premier. Out the door price will be $31,526.

A local dealer has a new 2017 Premier with some discounts for $36,750. Add in taxes, fees, license, etc you're a little over $40K. I will probably only qualify for about $5000 of the tax credit, bringing my cost to about $35K.

So I pay $3400 less and get a car with 11,500 miles on it.
If you only qualify for $5K of the fed tax credit, then this is way too much car for your pocketbook, unless you a filthy rich, retired, and you are barely dipping into your retirement account for annual income to get such a low tax burden (or are deployed and your income is coming tax free, or a plethora of other possibilities). But if your tax burden is truly $5K because your earnings are less than $50k per year, a $36.7K car is way too much car for your income. Please look at older used Volts instead. shows many of them starting at $8,900 and up.

Don't let the shiny new car cause you to bite off more than you can chew.
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