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Used 2014 volt + This Forum = Trouble

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Trouble for me that is..... :D

So much reading and learning here,

So far I've flipped my rearview mirror (sensor on top)

Have the new "shorter" front air dam to install

Should have my Voltshelf / Voltscreen from Steve (Scarlett1) Delivered today. Thanks Steve!!

Need to check my 12 Volt battery, if original look into proactive replacement, Need to get a Husky Liner for the hatch

Then tires later on this year.... and on and on

I Love my Volt, works great for my purposes so far, Still on the original tank of gas from Feb 27 2018 when I bought it.

Big THANKS to Everybody who contributes Info and Runs / Moderates this site!!!

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I don't see how the sensor sees more light. It's way at the top of roof and almost blocked by the bulge...
The curve side down is the original GM position. But as you mention, the sensor is indeed then mostly blocked. So it doesn't work too well. There were apparently multiple dealers (including mine) flipping it around, curve side up, sensor down, so that it DID see lights from the back, and work better for auto dimming. But then it didn't provide the full view out the rear for the driver it was meant for. Attached is a picture from the Chevrolet website in 2014. My Volt is a Dec 2013 build. I received my 2014, new from the dealer, sensor down, curve side up. I flipped it around later that year. Been that way ever since.

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And speaking of mods, just did this to my 2014 last weekend. I don't much listen to FM, so unscrewed the FM whip antenna, and placed this shark fin shell over the black plastic mount. Had to trim the black plastic a bit, used double sided mounting tape to hold the shark fin shell onto the original mounting bracket.

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1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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