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Used 2014 volt + This Forum = Trouble

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Trouble for me that is..... :D

So much reading and learning here,

So far I've flipped my rearview mirror (sensor on top)

Have the new "shorter" front air dam to install

Should have my Voltshelf / Voltscreen from Steve (Scarlett1) Delivered today. Thanks Steve!!

Need to check my 12 Volt battery, if original look into proactive replacement, Need to get a Husky Liner for the hatch

Then tires later on this year.... and on and on

I Love my Volt, works great for my purposes so far, Still on the original tank of gas from Feb 27 2018 when I bought it.

Big THANKS to Everybody who contributes Info and Runs / Moderates this site!!!

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You think that's bad ... I've also got a '16 Mustang GT - one of the most moddable cars around! Thankfully, I've held back ... a bit.
Modding disease - there's no known cure. :)
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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