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Used 2014 volt + This Forum = Trouble

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Trouble for me that is..... :D

So much reading and learning here,

So far I've flipped my rearview mirror (sensor on top)

Have the new "shorter" front air dam to install

Should have my Voltshelf / Voltscreen from Steve (Scarlett1) Delivered today. Thanks Steve!!

Need to check my 12 Volt battery, if original look into proactive replacement, Need to get a Husky Liner for the hatch

Then tires later on this year.... and on and on

I Love my Volt, works great for my purposes so far, Still on the original tank of gas from Feb 27 2018 when I bought it.

Big THANKS to Everybody who contributes Info and Runs / Moderates this site!!!

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Ok I'll bite. If I flip my rear view mirror over, won't the backup display be upside down? What is the point in this?
This has no affect on the backup display. The display comes from a camera mounted near the license plate on the rear bumper, so the mirror is not involved.

Flipping the mirror supposedly* helps the auto dimming feature (if equipped) work better by exposing the light sensor more completely to headlights behind your car.

*I say supposedly because this did not seem to help my mirror, so it may not help in all cases.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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