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Use of a power inverter with my 2013 Volt

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I want to use my Volt to power an 1100 watt power inverter in case of prolonged electricity outage. Is the 12v battery in the trunk strong enough for discharge from a power inverter? The manual recommends using a marine battery. When the battery is discharged, will the big battery charge the little battery? Do I have to keep the ignition on for this to happen? If the big battery gets exhausted, will the gas generator automatically fire up to recharge it? Does anyone have experience using such a setup? Thanks.
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Always have the car turned on before and while running the inverter, because the AGM battery in the Volt is not a high current battery like the one that is used to crank an ICE starter, and if you run it low or dead, the Volt will not start, just like an ICE car. The 380 volt DC to 12 volt DC inverter in the Volt can easily put out 150 amps if needed, so it can keep up with even a 1500 watt inverter, because it has a 175 amp fuse.

And, yes, if the big battery runs down, the ICE will start and keep it charged, but there is a timer in the car that shuts down the car after a couple of hours, but there is a work around, if you search for it.
The workaround is to get a set of quick grips and squeeze the button of the transmission shifter, but keep the car in park. A bunch of rubber bands also work, though you run the risk of accidentally knocking the shifter into R, D, or L.
Why would you risk damaging a $40,000 car when you can buy a small generator for a few hundred $?
I spent $600 for a 12kw generator which attaches to the 3 point hitch of my diesel tractor. Everyone I know who owns a gas powered generator with that small engine ends up with a non-functional generstor when they forget to run the generator down to empty and the fuel gums up the carborator. Since I use the diesel tractor all year long, the fuel is always flowing. Funny thing though, ever since I bought the generator, the long, multiday power outages have stopped. Similarly, ever since I bought snow tires, little to no snow. Ever since I piled up a 5 figure emergency fund, no big emergencies. But ever since I bought the little AWD Subaru for my daughter, every place that car goes, snow follows it. It started with Snowageddons 1 and 2 in IL, then Boston the last 2 years, so now Atlanta should be hit hard.
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