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USBank Not allowing me to make another End of Lease offer - What to do?

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To make a long story short - I made an offer; and they rejected it. Now they are telling me - this is the price and that's all. They are not allowing me to make a counter offer telling me I was only allowed to make one offer and once rejected - the only option is to accept their offer (which is not low enough - 15.5K all inclusive for 2014 Base with Safety 1 with 35.5K miles).

Is this true based on your experience? Or should I call again and talk to a different person?

Thanks in advance.
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What is the bank's motivation? The bank doesn't have a motivation to alter the contract. People, on the other hand, do have personal motivations outside cold calculations. Work with the people not "the bank".

Eventually, you will hit a person that gives a crap about customers vs what is on their computer screen.

I ran the tech side of a 2000-seat call center. Every Monday, 10% of the equipment was down and 10% of the people didn't show up for work. Conversely, 10% of the workforce handled 90% of the calls. Which 10% is the rep you are working with?
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