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USBank Not allowing me to make another End of Lease offer - What to do?

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To make a long story short - I made an offer; and they rejected it. Now they are telling me - this is the price and that's all. They are not allowing me to make a counter offer telling me I was only allowed to make one offer and once rejected - the only option is to accept their offer (which is not low enough - 15.5K all inclusive for 2014 Base with Safety 1 with 35.5K miles).

Is this true based on your experience? Or should I call again and talk to a different person?

Thanks in advance.
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Update - I called again - talked to another person - she had no problem accepting another offer from me (of course now I need to wait for 7 days for answer). Looks like a bit arbitrary and depends on the person handling the call.
I had a huge pain when I was trying to buy mine out. They accepted my offer, but then never sent me the paperwork. Call back, no record of the offer. Make the offer, accepted, "we'll call you in 48 hours", never heard back. Repeat about 4 times...
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