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USB port not charging iPhone

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Did a search but didn't see anything on this.

I have my iPhone plugged into the USB port in the center console. The iPhone is receiving power, as the "charging" indicator is displayed. However, even after a long drive, the phone's charge amount is only increased by maybe a percentage point or two. The USB port appears to give just enough power to keep the phone at its current level, but not really charge it.

Anyone else notice this?
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USB isn't always the same for charging capabilities. I suspect that the Volt's USB port just doesn't supply a lot of extra power. I've noticed that some computers/laptops can charge my phone faster than others. And that charging from the wall adapter is almost always the fastest.

Edit: If charging speed is your only concern, you could try one of those USB adapters that go into your power port. I am willing to bet that'll charge faster for you.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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