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USB Media Player Improvements

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A few problems I have with my 2017 when playing USB media:
1. Shuffle issues - "shuffle" shouldn't play the songs in the same order every time! I have shortcut buttons set by genre, and every time I click on it's the same sequence of songs.
2. Additional Favorite Options - would like to be able to create favorite for a folder, or for "All Music".
3. A way to pick a favorite shortcut from the steering wheel. With radio, you can change stations with the steering wheel, but once you select USB media, the steering wheel control is used to change songs - to change to a different genre, you need to use the touchscreen.
4. A way to rate, flag, and/or delete songs. A really annoying song found its way into one of my folders, and I kept forgetting what it was so I could remedy the situation when I got home.
5. Auto-volume - not sure if this is supposed to correct volume differences between songs, or automatically compensate for road noise, but it doesn't seem to do either, and I have it set to "high".
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Even if you use folders, you will likely hit another limit - most car will only index up to 10,000 files .

Car audio media players are unfortunately very limited.
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