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So I came across a deal I felt was too good to pass up. New 2018 Volt Premier 60 miles on odometer all boxes checked (except blackout package) including ACC Satin Steel Metallic MSRP $41060 marked down to $33,800. Dealership had it listed as pre-owned which it wasn't and was sold to me new (tax credit eligible). I traded in my 2013 Volt, which I put 34,800 miles on the 2013, but considering what I paid for it their offer was fair. What a upgrade from my 2013! Unfortunately, it was just off the truck. I will be able to drive it home Monday.

Edit: Ok, after a little online searching looks like my price was in the ballpark. Oh well, I am happy with it.
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Congrads on your 2018 purchase. We traded in our 2014 Volt for a new 2016 Volt Premier in July 2016. To me the difference is night and day with our 2016 over the 2014 Volt. With the 2014 Volt electric range was well under 50 miles in summer, and about 30 miles in the dead of winter. Gas only mpg was at best under ideal conditions was mid 40's mpg's.

The 2016 Volt is quicker, handles better, electric range even in the dead of winter is always over 40 miles, and in summer 60+ miles, with several trips over 70 miles just on electric. Gas only, using good ole 87 octane regular grade, no more premium gas as required with the 2014, has been over well 50 mpg for the last 6 months. We also use the gas engine more than most owners, nearly 15,000 miles. This month its over 59 mpg just on gas for Aug. 2018 and for 45,000 miles lifetime, gas and electric, is over 147 mpg's.

I am looking forward for what the Gen 3 Volt will have to offer...
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