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So I came across a deal I felt was too good to pass up. New 2018 Volt Premier 60 miles on odometer all boxes checked (except blackout package) including ACC Satin Steel Metallic MSRP $41060 marked down to $33,800. Dealership had it listed as pre-owned which it wasn't and was sold to me new (tax credit eligible). I traded in my 2013 Volt, which I put 34,800 miles on the 2013, but considering what I paid for it their offer was fair. What a upgrade from my 2013! Unfortunately, it was just off the truck. I will be able to drive it home Monday.

Edit: Ok, after a little online searching looks like my price was in the ballpark. Oh well, I am happy with it.
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Congratulations on acquiring your new Volt.:)
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