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Update on "Clicking" in front wheels, need advice

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A few weeks ago I noticed the "clicking" noise in the front drivers side wheel area that others have reported on this thread.

According to the previous threads most, if not all, of the people reporting this have found it to be a loose or faulty shaft axel wing nut and washer. Others have found this needs to be tightened or replaced.

I took my car into the dealer and they said the shaft is fine but that the brake pads are loose and should be replaced.

They quoted me $421 to replace the brake pads and $122 to do a brake flush.

What should I do?

It was my understanding brake pads do not need to be touched on the volt for a very, very long time.

Please let me know

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I too recently noticed a clicking noise on what seems to be coming from the front passenger side as best I can tell. It is more pronounced driving in L and when starting off and when letting of the peddle say up to 5mph say when driving through a parking lot. In D mode doing the same it is less prounced sound wise. Once driving, I don't seem to hear it. I too am wondering what to ask the dealer to check and avoid getting milked on nonesense for my 2014.
If you don't touch the brakes when duplicating the problem, how could it be the pads? Mine(2013) had this same problem. When driving at slow speeds, any time I pressed or released the accelerator I would hear the "click"(I drive in "L" exclusively). I tried tightening the axle nut and this did nothing. The dealer replaced the driver's side axle under warranty and this corrected the problem.
I was thinking the same thing. If I am not touching the brakes at all how can it be the brakes. It also does not click when going in reverse btw.
So now I am hearing clicking but more so from using the brake and then gas not just coasting and using the gas on and off. This now seems to beo n my driver side unlike my earlier post of passenger side which axle nut tightening fixed it but not on the driver side. Someone mentioned brake guide pins sticking. Funny thing is I have noticed on occassion my brakses though not on seem stuck to the rotor and brake free from say after driving in rain or such noting I drive the car usually once a day. But from last park to next drive seems to be enough to have it seems stuck purely by not freely staring to backout my garage always where its parked. So is anything related the front brakes pin guides or clips of whatever nature worth the checkout? As I said tightening the axle nut did not seem to fix it and it seems to be heard after braking and starting off again.
Thanks all.
What did the bearing replacement cost you llninja?
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