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Update on "Clicking" in front wheels, need advice

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A few weeks ago I noticed the "clicking" noise in the front drivers side wheel area that others have reported on this thread.

According to the previous threads most, if not all, of the people reporting this have found it to be a loose or faulty shaft axel wing nut and washer. Others have found this needs to be tightened or replaced.

I took my car into the dealer and they said the shaft is fine but that the brake pads are loose and should be replaced.

They quoted me $421 to replace the brake pads and $122 to do a brake flush.

What should I do?

It was my understanding brake pads do not need to be touched on the volt for a very, very long time.

Please let me know

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Volt brakes can get messed up by winter conditions, and I see you're in a winter climate. By "messed up" I mean salt and sand can get on the pads and gouge the rotors and pads. But still, sounds too early on a 2014. Run a finger on your rotors, are they horribly grooved?

I did have clicking from my brakes after a few winters, and my dealership cleaned and lubed them and they were fine. I'd be shocked if you actually needed new pads. Luckily brakes are not Voltec (well, evidently the rotors are special, but still) so any 3rd party shop can give you a second opinion on this. I wouldn't believe the dealership on this, and that price sounds high for just new pads anyway. Have someone else look at it.

I also had clicking from the front earlier this year, the dealer told me I needed new front axles, but they were back ordered. Months later, they still have not contacted me (big surprise) but the clicking stopped in warmer weather. I assume it will resume this fall, and I'll see if they have parts then. Others have said they'll sometimes replace the whole axle because replacing just the nut/washer is a pain, and if it's still under warranty, they'll do the axle as it's easier.
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