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Update on "Clicking" in front wheels, need advice

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A few weeks ago I noticed the "clicking" noise in the front drivers side wheel area that others have reported on this thread.

According to the previous threads most, if not all, of the people reporting this have found it to be a loose or faulty shaft axel wing nut and washer. Others have found this needs to be tightened or replaced.

I took my car into the dealer and they said the shaft is fine but that the brake pads are loose and should be replaced.

They quoted me $421 to replace the brake pads and $122 to do a brake flush.

What should I do?

It was my understanding brake pads do not need to be touched on the volt for a very, very long time.

Please let me know

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Does the clicking noise happen both with accelerating and lifting from the gas pedal? When this was happening on my car it was more like a muffled pop and I could get it to repeat easily by pressing and releasing the gas pedal or tapping the brakes.

In my case it's wasn't a faulty shaft, but just loose axle nuts. I took my Volt in to my service advisor to have Paula torque my nuts. Hindsight being 20/20 I should have taken the opportunity to buy the right sized socket to torque my own nuts.

It's possible the clicking is coming from the brakes, but you might want to try torquing your nuts before doing the brake job. I've never seen brake pads come loose and make this clicking noise in 29 years of car ownership. Actually, brake pads are supposed to be loose - they float between the brake cylinder and the rotors. If you have the means to jack the front end up, take off the tires, you can easily check the brake pads by taking a big C clamp to them to push the brake cylinder back.

If you aren't mechanically inclined, then ask the dealer to guarantee the brake job. If the clicking noise persists after the brake job, make them eat the cost and cover the subsequent repair needed to the axles, bearings, or axle nuts.

BTW, check with the Chevy parts department to see how much brake pads are. And unless you've driven a ton of miles, I highly doubt the brake flush is needed. Caveat all this with the fact that I'm not a mechanic, only a shade tree mechanic. And without looking at the car with my own eyes, this is all conjecture over the internet. I also don't trust the meatheads who like to use their air powered torque wrenches as far too often, they do a tire rotation wrong and warp my brake rotors. So I avoid other people torquing my wheels at all cost. I do all that myself.
I'm with Ilninga on this. Something may be loose in the brake assembly componentry, but the pads are not loose, nor do you need to replace brake fluid. Some anti rattle or hold down clips may be loose. What many of us have found is improperly torqued axle nut. Matter of fact, there is a part number for a kit to replace the existing nut and washer if you pm me I will see if I can find it.
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