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The UK and Europe internet privacy laws in regards to cookies and trackers have been updated. All sites that use cookies for any purposes must now display that they do so and provide an option for informed consent and the ability to opt out of cookies. More information can be seen here

What this means for GM-Volt is that we will be deploying a function that will appear to UK and EU IP addresses and provides them with the relevant information and the chance to opt out. If a user chooses to opt out of cookies this will impact basic functions of the site

Here are a few examples of this change and how it will affect those in the UK/Europe who opt-out;
- “Remember me” will not work anymore as it’s a cookie tracked function, so members will be logged out more often.
- “Already read forums” may not be viewed as read
- Mobile layout choice will divert back to its original state
- The multi quote function may not work
- Any page layout changes
We are letting you know in the event that a UK/EU user finds these functions are not working, the list above will help explain why. The pop up will only show up if the user in on an IP address that is UK/EU based.
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