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Unplug Cable while Running?

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That's something I've did a few times, wondered if that's ok?

It's warm weather so I cool the car off while plugged in but should I turn it off before unplugging?

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If nothing happens with it plugged in and running there would be no need to start it with it plugged in. I was thinking I would cool the car off on grid power.

OK, I think I read your post wrong, you're talking about driving up and plugging it in while running.

I never do that. I've been turning the car off when I get home then waiting a while before plugging in.
Like let the battery cool before starting charging. But then if it's a hot day it might be better to plug it right in after I turn it off so it can run the fans etc.
Vexed and mythed.
If the car's been running, then the battery is cool. It gets cooled by the battery thermal management system. When you turn the car OFF, that stops, and the battery starts warming up due to ongoing chemistry stuff happening and heat conduction. You'll be better off plugging it in as soon as you pull up.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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