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Unlimited OnStar data now $20/month

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That sounds like a bargain. My current ISP just started implementing putting usage limits (200 gb/mo) and charging for overages ($3.50 for every 10 GB). I have since switched to a $350 GB/mo plan with a 2 year contract (been with this ISP for 17 years already, plus its the only game in my area since I live in the country with no cable TV access and satellite just doesn't work with their latency and data throttling.

Alas, I'm still better off paying overages over paying for a new car, getting in-car wifi, then figuring out a way to get my home wireless base stations to connect through the car. Maybe I could cannobalize an onstar system out of a wrecked G2 volt.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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