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Unintentional amusement.

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So the young guy up the road (really nice guy) comes knocking on our door and asks me if I can drive him over to pick up his wife because he's mid-spark plug change on his truck and her car is in the shop.

Well he's someone I trust so I throw him the Volt keys and say "just take the Volt".

A few minutes later I hear the triple honk. Then I hear it again, and again. Then there is a knock at the door and he's standing there with a very sheepish look on his face "man I think I broke the car, I can't get it to start".

Well he had it started (the triple honk was him getting in and out of the car) but he was waiting for the "engine" to start. :D So I explained it to him and he was off and driving.

Well a little bit later he gets back and again he's like "man, I think I did something, I'm soooo sorry". Well he was talking about the car "bucking". So I'm like "oh lordy what happened".


He had shifted to "L" and the "bucking" was all the regen when he let off the pedal.

I don't think he's ever going to ask to borrow my car again!
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I've never tried that. Next time somebody wants to drive mine, I'll just pitch them the fob like you did!
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