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Turn Signals

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For the last couple of days my turn signals made no noise whatsoever. The arrow light flashed on the dash, but no click. At first I thought it was some bizarre setting I touched accidentally, but today it's back to its usual clicking. Anyone ever see/hear this?
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This happened to me once in my 2017. At a traffic light, I shutdown/restarted the car, which restored the clicks. It hasn't done it since. I suspect some combo of phone/android auto that muted it, but didn't unmute.

Another random thing that happened the other day: The bell rang constantly, as if I left my headlights on. However, I couldn't find anything left on, and it continued after I left the car. I returned, and once again, powered it on, powered it off, the bell stopped. Who made the software anyway? Microsoft?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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