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Turn Signals

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For the last couple of days my turn signals made no noise whatsoever. The arrow light flashed on the dash, but no click. At first I thought it was some bizarre setting I touched accidentally, but today it's back to its usual clicking. Anyone ever see/hear this?
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Thanks. Definitely sounds glitchy. I will continue to monitor. It is disconcerting when you aren't sure you actually hit the turn signal as you change lanes in traffic.
Who made the software anyway? Microsoft?
Good one!..
I lost the turn signal clicker and the radio once after a forward collision alert. It came back when I pulled in to my garage and the system beeped to tell me "there's a wall!"

It's very strange to drive in complete silence. I felt like I had gone deaf.
It certainly was a strange sensation.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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