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Turn Signals

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For the last couple of days my turn signals made no noise whatsoever. The arrow light flashed on the dash, but no click. At first I thought it was some bizarre setting I touched accidentally, but today it's back to its usual clicking. Anyone ever see/hear this?
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I have noticed a periodic problem that does not involve the sound from the turn signal. Rather the turn signal does not cancel when I use it for a turn of about 120 deg. What happens is the sound is on, but it and the flashing arrow on the display does not cancel when the slight turn is completed. In this case, I use the turn signal lever to cancel. It usually occurs at the same intersection that I drive in SF-not hilly but the road could be repaved because a bit bumpy. Doesn’t happen often so I mainly ignore this issue – haven’t bothered to ask the dealer yet about this.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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