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Our 2012 Volt went 60k miles without flaw.

After 13 months, our 2017 Premier has about 11k miles on it. A month ago it received the free one year checkup and maintenance, with no issues detected.

Yesterday, problems appeared with the main information screen. First, the radio volume control stopped working. A little later, the screen went dark. Nothing I did would light it up, though I could operate radio volume and station-select with the paddle controls. Today, everything works properly.

As an engineer, I suspect a connector. Confirming and fixing that would require getting into the dashboard, which is probably no fun at all.

After 13 months, is this covered by warranty? Have others had similar problems and, if so, how were they addressed?

Thanks, gurus!
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Looking at my 2014 Infotainment manual, there are some restrictions of supporting FAT32 USB drives.
. less than 10,000 audio files
. no system attributes on audio files/folders
. max folder depth=8
. playlist paths must be relative

Generally, there have often been issues when storage formats cross major size boundaries. Like 32GB...

exFAT is not supported by GM yet (AFAIK). Maybe 2019 Volt with Infotainment System 3 ?
Scary to think that the day will come when cars don't have traditional AM/FM radios, and kids will ask "what's a radio?"
(maybe that day has already come)
I know some cars no longer have AM radios.
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