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Triple Honk when powering down car...

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Earlier today I ran through the drive-thru at Dunkin and then parked for a moment to get situated before taking off again. My fresh coffee was cold, so I shut down the car to go inside and get it replaced.

The instant I turned off the car, it startled me a bit with the dreaded "triple honk"...

There were no messages on the DIC or anything. I was able to lock and then unlock the doors with the button on the handle, and it started back up fine, without any messages about the remote or anything. Random anomaly, or was it trying to subtly tell me something? :confused:

Edit: I should note that all the doors were closed when I shut it off, as usual.
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Sounds like a random anomaly, unless you can reproduce it. One of the computers got confused.
Another example of the keyfob sensor not working well is when my keys are in my bag, which I normally put on the front seat. When a passenger gets in the front seat, the bag goes in the back seat. If I open and close my door, a triple honk occurs. This shouldn't occur because the keyfob is still in the car.
I will agree that the triple honk when powering down is an error that should not happen (mine has never done this). But your second example is working perfectly. It is detecting that you left the car without your key (door opened and closed with your bag in the back seat). The triple honk is trying to say "Hey, your forgot your key, anybody could come along and drive me away".
Are you opening and closing the door WITHOUT exiting?
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