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Trip to the US from Canada requesting charging tips

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I am a soon to be owner of a Chevy Bolt and since the car will be delivered during my vacations, I would like to go to New York from Montréal. From some time now I have a ChargePoint Card that I used sometimes with my 2013 Chevy Volt. Looking at the Plugshare map, now I notice that there are a lot of EVgo DCFC stations on the way to New York and I am not very familiar with those. Looking at their site it seems that only people located in the US can buy a plan but I don't really know. So my questions would be:

- Could I use my current ChargePoint Card on EVgo stations?
- Is there a way for Canadians to sign up for a EVgo plan?

Sorry is this has been answered already but I could not find any relevant information so far.

Thanks and regards,

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This time of year given the Bolt's range you should really only need 1 full charge to accomplish that trip - it's only 590KM. Stops for lunch/shopping and such can be planned around L2 chargers as well and you could pickup a little there as well..and they're often free.

I just did a search on Plugshare and it looks like many of those chargers you're seeing listing EVGO as a payment option also accept credit cards directly, so I'd opt for that vs trying to sign up for an account you're not apt to use regularly, particularly since I see some of the EVGO plans carry early cancellation fees as well as monthly service fees, and the only one that doesn't is neither inexpensive, nor is it clear (as you mention) if Canadians can even sign up for it.

Thank you very much for the tip and advice. I did not notice that credit card was a payment option on those charges. that is great to know.


I would give EVgo a call and confirm, but on their website it does say that those without an account can still use the station if you call them when you're there - presumably you can charge things to a card directly at that point.

Considering you'll only need to charge probably twice max each way it may be easier to go this method vs signing up for a card etc etc.

*Technically* you should be able to make it there (and home) on a single enroute charge, but we all know how that goes with EV's, so I'd be prepared just in case with several locations in mind.

In Kingston NY there's a Nissan dealer for example with a DCFC that shows low fee, probably direct payment, but it's too far to make in one hop from Montreal (roughly 440KM IIRC), but you'll have MORE than enough to make it to NYC after leaving there. You'd need to pickup at least a partial charge somewhere enroute to make it there, but I'd use it as a jump off point for sure, and you wouldn't even need a full charge (30-50% would be plenty) somewhere between MTL and there to make the trip happen.
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There seems to be a few Greenlots DC fast chargers as well. Greenlots has some infrastructure in Ontario as well so Canadians can certainly get an account with them. I would download their mobile phone app and setup and account with them as well just in case.

Thanks everybody for your help here. Really useful information.


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