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I wonder what it counts as a "clutch slip". Sometimes after I stop, my car will jerk a bit the next time I accelerate. It feels like it starts to take off, then jerks into what feels like Neutral for just a split second, then snaps back into acceleration.

When this happens in CS mode, it's far more time I started to take off and it jerked mildly a couple times and then completely stopped accelerating for about a full second until it started the engine and then everything was fine. This has never thrown any codes though, and it doesn't happen very often...did yours do anything like this?
Unless you are on slippery roads where traction control might cause that, that doesn't sound right. I'd take mine in if it was doing that. My 2017 has never done that once in 10,000 miles. That's one major advantage of EVs: smooth acceleration and jerking like that would really bother me!

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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