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2016 Volt Premier, delivered Oct/15, 2022 Tesla M3AWD
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My tranny was replaced in Dec/15. During the drive to Florida the CEL went on, local GM dealer (never seen a G2 yet) investigated with help of GM mother ship said that a sensor went off in the tranny, but they had no procedure yet to change it so they shipped a whole tranny down for replacement. GM Also wanted my tranny back to investigate the issue as this was the first instance. Took the tech a whole week to do the work because the engine cradle had to come completely out of the car. I had to take it back a couple of time after for some post work issues ( broken EGR valve, front suspension issues, etc). That was a $10k bill for GM.

Not sure if this work was a factor in my power Inverter failure ( shift the park, loss of propulsion, aka F2 module ) that happened on the way back from Florida ( this module sits on top of the tranny). There is a whole thread on this incident labeled "My G2 dead on the road". Think I was one of the first to have this issue as well. Here is the link

Since then all is well, only been in for software updates and an oil
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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