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Trailer Hitches--Anything new going on?

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I have a leased 2015. I'd like to put a receiver hitch on it so I can transport bicycles. I've seen the various stealth models out there, but I can't see paying upwards of $300 for a receiver hitch for a leased car. I also don't want to cut into the bumper, for the same reason. Finally, I only plan to use it during late Spring and early Fall, so removable would be good. I'll be carrying two mountain bikes.

What have people's experiences been with the Curt 112211?

It uses a 1 1/4 socket, so I don't think it will add much to the bottom end. It's not very attractive, but I don't think it will scrape.

I'm also toying with the idea of making it more like the Stealth hitch, which would involve splitting the plates that hold the receiver and using bolts, spacers, and two heavy duty plates with four holes drilled in them to hold it on while I'm using it. Any thoughts on that?
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I have the Curt, as I also couldn't see spending over $300 for a hitch, when I could get the curt for less than $100 on Amazon.
The Curt has worked out great for me. I have never scraped on anything, and you really hardly notice it's there. I use it to pull a small 4x8 utility trailer around, and it does the job just fine.

From what I've heard, it's not ideal for bike racks. It only mounts to the frame on one side. The other side just bolts to the trunk floor. For that reason, the bikes may bounce a bit on the back. They do sell a stabilizer strap that you hook to the rack, and then somewhere in the trunk, but I can't speak for how it works.

Personally, if it's just for a bike rack, I would just get one the straps onto the hatch. I have an old one, and for the few times I use it, it works just fine.
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I've been told that the hatch racks aren't a good idea on the Volt. Was I misinformed?

I went ahead and bought the Curt and a hitch rack made by Bell. The whole package ran less than $200, and I plan to use some sort of stabilizing strap.
I didn't have any problems using mine. You may need longer straps though, as the hatch is very long.
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