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TPMS issue

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Got my Volt a few months ago. Had to have rotors and brakes worked on as mentioned in another post, and all has been good since then. I did, though, have a recent alignment done and two new tires purchased. I had the old tires moved to the front and new tires installed in the back since I had put about 5000 miles on my car since it was purchased.

On my front driver side tire, my TPMS tells me, from time to time, there is a problem. It will last for a while (10-15 min of drive time). TPMS has been relearned by local chevy dealer (and when they looked at the tires, they could find no problems with TPMS), and pressure is ok..The sensor shows that this tire has a problem (I'm assuming with low tire pressure), but readings from gauge/digital pump shows everything is ok.

What are possible causes? I'm only familiar with cars that tell you a tire is low, but my Volt measures pressure for each tire. This has happened for about two weeks. Tire warning light goes on. I measure pressure. Tire pressure is ok. Warning light goes off after a few more minutes of driving.
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I've a friend who bought a 2013 shortly after I bought mine. One of his sensors went bad. Batteries are not replaceable and last from 8-10 years, unless an old sensor got installed. Beware of cheap sensors on ebay. They are often cheap because they're several years old. The sensors have a born on date on them. They're getting pretty affordable now online too. I think the GM ones can be removed from the valve stem without taking the tire off the rim, but you do have to break the bead to reach the sensor. There's a little screw......I say THINK because it looked possible, but I haven't done it.
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