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TPMS issue

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Got my Volt a few months ago. Had to have rotors and brakes worked on as mentioned in another post, and all has been good since then. I did, though, have a recent alignment done and two new tires purchased. I had the old tires moved to the front and new tires installed in the back since I had put about 5000 miles on my car since it was purchased.

On my front driver side tire, my TPMS tells me, from time to time, there is a problem. It will last for a while (10-15 min of drive time). TPMS has been relearned by local chevy dealer (and when they looked at the tires, they could find no problems with TPMS), and pressure is ok..The sensor shows that this tire has a problem (I'm assuming with low tire pressure), but readings from gauge/digital pump shows everything is ok.

What are possible causes? I'm only familiar with cars that tell you a tire is low, but my Volt measures pressure for each tire. This has happened for about two weeks. Tire warning light goes on. I measure pressure. Tire pressure is ok. Warning light goes off after a few more minutes of driving.
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I have had problems with my right rear tire. Comes and goes. Twice I had new sensors installed (and sensors relearned) which never really solved the problem. Still comes and goes which makes me wonder if it is not the sensor. I have a good air gauge and compressors in my garages. It is a MY2012. Kind of annoying, but I don't want to risk having the rim scratched any further. I wish you better luck.
I have used a camera running off the power port in the dash. But even with this unplugged, the right rear sensor comes and goes. My wife sometimes has her iphone plugged in, but only for power when she uses when using the wifi. Could be the iphone although this has been a problem we've had since before the wifi upgrade.On a 80 km trip, it may function on and off three or four times. The annoying thing is that I know the pressure is ok but it kind of takes over the dash display.
The right rear does exactly as you say. I too am just going to keep an eye on it. It is annoying. I guess I could try rotating the RR to another position. But it is just too cold right now. I still haven't put the snows on since I will be going to Florida soon.
Well, the right rear sensor is acting up again. After many months without the slightest problems, the right rear is indicating low pressure. This happened the first day the temperature was single digits. The right rear wheel that was indicating a problem intermittently last spring was moved to the right front this summer. It is now reading normal - I had three different sensors replaced when it was on the rear.
So the problem is back. When I place a mechanical gauge on the tire, it is properly inflated - a very close match to the left side. I think there must be a correlation due to temperature since no changes have been made to the car.
Guess I will have to get a TPS tool. I just checked and adjusted all four wheels. The rears and right front were all 38 psi and the front left was 39. I adjusted them up to 42. Took it for a drive (about 26 kms). Still have the issue, so it must be the receiver. I have dumped too much money chasing this so far to bother getting fleeced by the dealer's diagnostic fee again. I wish it didn't take over the dash display the way it does!
Yes exactly. No matter where the supposedly bad sensor has been put on the car, no matter if the sensors are replaced, only the right rear position indicates a problem. Also, cold weather seems to trigger the condition.
Every time a wheel is moved, a relearn has been conducted, both at the Chevrolet dealer and tire shops. Different sensors have been used and I sure have been paying for new ones. I have watched technicians change the sensor. The car has no modifications, apart from a small dash camera, which even when unplugged and sitting in the console turned off, isn't the cause of interference. The temperature has gone up and guess what, the sensors are reading again. When driving to Florida from Toronto, the system always has trouble with cold temperatures. It will operate correctly for a few hours, then suddenly act up and tell me that the RR is low on air. It does display a number, not the dashes. Once in Florida, the problem goes away. A month and 1/2 later on the trip home, as soon as it hits cold weather, it begins it's little dance. I keep a tire gauge in the car, and the tires do not loose air. In fact, due to a flat tire, the rear tires are new Goodyears with yes, new sensors again.
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At this point, I think I will just give up. I will just check tire pressures and fortunately have compressor access in our garages. I wish I could defeat the readout in the dash - when the rr is acting up, the center part of the screen becomes a tire display and an annoying yellow light tells me there is a problem.
Thanks for everyone's insight!
I finally bought the $34 tire relearn tool from Amazon. Have the snows on and have relearned all four wheels. We'll see if the problem persists - the cold weather is now upon us and it seems to be part of the issue.
Again, nothing else is plugged in. I did have a camera plugged in last summer. The system worked with no problems for months. It just happens, especially when the cold weather strikes. I do have various phones in the car - my Blackberry, my wife's iphone, but nothing that is connected in any way. It just comes and goes. I will update the story with the second set of wheels and tires. If it is the car, the problem will recur.
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