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Toyota introduces advanced FCV.

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Toyota introduces advanced FCV:


Please forgive the author's ignorance of hybrid vehicles. The author tries to compare a parallel hybrid to a fuel cell vehicle, and totally botches it. It's best to stick to the first couple paragraphs.

The race for fuel cell vehicles is on.
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The thing about hydrogen that makes it better than electric is. They will have converters that hit water with an electric charge to add a hydrogen atom and then will separate the hydrogen out. Then you will have a continuous supply of hydrogen. Then you can fuel your car at home and power a generator for your home for all of your power needs. You will not need the electric company.
Here is Honda's hydrogen home fueling station. All you would need is a hydrogen powered generator and a hydrogen car and one of these bad boys and you wouldn't need an electric company. Hydrogen is clearly the future. The first one is the one that Honda is using with natural gas. The second link shows how to get hydrogen from water.
Solar energy combined with hydrogen is better than electric from the grid to power an erev.
1 - 3 of 87 Posts
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