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Toyota introduces advanced FCV.

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Toyota introduces advanced FCV:


Please forgive the author's ignorance of hybrid vehicles. The author tries to compare a parallel hybrid to a fuel cell vehicle, and totally botches it. It's best to stick to the first couple paragraphs.

The race for fuel cell vehicles is on.
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I can't figure out if all of these post our being sarcastic are not. How is using electricity to convert water to hydrogen so you can create electricity a better deal than just electricity??? :confused:

room for everyone. The fuel cell right now does potentially have a place assuming two things. Price can be lowered (which is happening) and batteries don't advance to the point of being able to be charged up in minutes.

The ONLY advantage a fuel cell has over a BEV that I see is unlimited range without long charging stops.

Cost of a fuel cell is unlikely to ever drop as low as an E-Flex vehicle.

So the way I see it Fuel Cell vehicles will have a niche. That niche might would be very high milage vehicles. Why? Because it makes sense for me and you to drive the first forty miles on battery and then anything over that on ever increasingly expensive gasoline because we just won't need to drive long distances very often.

A 18 wheel truck driver on the other hand will routinely make trips of 200+ miles or more... even cross country trips regularly. 40 miles of electric to them is a drop in the bucket.

So in my eyes the extra cost of the fuel cell could be recouped by truck drivers. But for low mileage people (most everyone) the price of the fuel cell would never come close to being recouped.

I also don't see the cost of electricity that is generated from a fuel cell as ever getting as cheap as electricity from you house. Think about it... if a fuel cell can be made that can produce electricity cheaper than you get from a wall outlet what is to keep the electric companies from also using this technology to produce their electricity too.
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1 - 2 of 87 Posts
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